A Letter to Elected Officials regarding the Malheur Occupation

Ive really had enough of the lack of response to a community and public lands being held hostage & deliberately destroyed by armed domestic terrorists. I am sharing the letter I sent to my state reps & President Obama. I encourage you to let your elected officials know what your thoughts are as well. If you would like to contact your reps you can find them here

Dear Governor Brown, Senator Merkley, Senator Wyden, Representative Blumenauer, and President Obama

As an Oregon resident, tax payer, and outdoor enthusiast hailing from a small, rural community I am asking you to take action regarding the illegal occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

As someone from a town even smaller than Burns, the precedent set by the lack of response to the Bundy brothers & the band of militant, military-grade weapons wielding people that have come to support them deeply concerns me. Since nothing has been done to remove these occupiers or censure their prior activities what is to prevent such people from taking over my hometown and demanding what they wish of my family & friends? The lack of action to mitigate these situations sends a message to similarly minded domestic terrorists that they can do the same.

While my friends participating in peaceful, weaponless protests have been shot by rubber bullets and tear gassed by the police, there has been no response by local, state, or federal law enforcement against the occupiers in Harney County, who are armed with semi automatic weapons, the threat of which has closed schools & businesses, who have threatened local government employees and harassed private citizens and destroyed public property. It is totally unacceptable that peaceful protest is met with violent militaristic force while aggressive, armed occupation met is with nothing save a few words of disapproval.

A few years ago I was on a backpacking trip in the Badger Creek Wilderness, a public land not unlike the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Some armed people showed up near where we had setup camp and started unloading rounds into the woods, unaware of our presence. If armed occupation of public lands is not met with swift action by state & federal law enforcement then any hiker, backpacker, birder or other enthusiast can be ambushed & taken hostage by such armed militants.

The availability of military grade weapons to civilians and the lack of response by law enforcement is giving a frightening platform to armed anti government terrorists. I am afraid for the welfare of myself, my family and my friends.

I ask that you do something about this situation, and the things that have enabled it to go on un-checked.  Please remove military grade semi automatic weapons from circulation. Please ensure that the response of law enforcement is consistent. White, armed men do not deserve special treatment. They should be subjected to the same tear gassing, bean bag and rubber bullets, physical intervention by the police for resisting arrest, and cutoff of utilities that other US citizens face.

The Bundys, armed white men, have occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge for 8 days and have entertained the press, shaken hands with the local sheriff, and been visited by an Oregon legislator. Tamir Rice, a 12-yr old black child, is dead for playing with a toy gun, shot 2 seconds after the police arrived on the scene.  For the crime of wearing a hoodie, walking through a yard armed with skittles and iced tea Travyon Martin is dead, while George Zimmerman signs autographs at gun shows.

Please help make good on our pledge, because it is failing the majority of US citizens and the handling of the Malheur occupation is a prime example – “Liberty and Justice for all”

Thank you

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