Hello. I am Sev. Welcome to my blog. Please press anykey to continue.

This blog has served as many things. At present, it serves to tell the story of my life as a 30 something queer person working in the tech industry and navigating the queer community.

I have lived the vast majority of my life as a heterosexual female. At the age of 33 I figured out I was not hetero. At the age of 34 I began to understand that I am not female.

I studied and worked in the tech industry for 17 years living as a female. Attending university as an electrical engineering student, many times the only person in my classes who used the women’s restroom. I worked as an analog circuit designer and software engineer for 17 years, experiencing the lack of promotion, support, and salary that comes with not being a cismale in tech and a lifetime of being socialized & perceived by others as female.

I am presently on an entrepreneurial sabbatical of sorts, doing occasional consulting work at The Data Scout and exploring the potential of campground aggregation services that serve as the backend for campnear.me, a site I began developing in late 2015.

As I now navigate my FTM (female to male) transition I find shocking both the lack of support for FTMs in the queer and straight communities and the anger and hate flung toward us specifically by the LGBT community. Many transmen, FTM, and MoC (masculine of center) folks opt out of the LGBT community due to the harassment and erasure we face.

I hope that by sharing stories from my experiences people will be come informed about transmen, FTMs, and the unique challenges we face. I hope other masculine folks will read of my work as a technology professional & entrepreneur and know that transmen are here, we are doing great work, and we are standing up for ourselves. We are not just scapegoats for cismale misogyny in the queer community, a pretty chest to stare at, or Chaz Bono.

I hope you enjoy my mediocre writing and terrible drawing. Or at least that it provides some kind of time wasting resource for you as you wait for the office clock to strike whatever hour you leave work.